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Partner Profile of the Week: Open Society Institute Bulgaria

Posted by civilsocietyindex on March 19, 2009

Congratulations to OSI in Bulgaria, who are implementing the CSI at record speed.  They are this week’s partner profile of the week!

Open Society Institute – Sofia is founded in 1990 with the support of Mr. George Soros as non-governmental organization for public benefit.

Open Society Institute – Sofia stands for the following mission and main goals:

  • To promote, develop and enhance the values and practices of the open society in Bulgaria.
  • To support the process of democratization in all fields of the public and political life as well as in the process of development the civil society capacity in the country
  • To guarantee civil freedoms and respect for human rights.
  • To support the institutions of the civil sector in the country
  • To enhance democratic decision-making
  • To work for the strengthening of civil participation and protection of the public interest in public policy-making
  • To encourage the public debate on issues of key importance to Bulgaria
  • To support the integration of Bulgaria into the European Union and work for the strengthening of regional cooperation

The Open Society Institute – Sofia works for transparency and accountability in policy–making. It also promotes effective capacity building in the civil sector and provides technical assistance and project management analysis and expertise. It also pursues the strengthening of the rule of law and the inclusion of the Roma minority in the country. 

Open Society Institute – Sofia is pursuing its mission through the following programs:

  • Governance and Public Policies
  • European Policies and Civic Participation
  • Roma Program
  • Legal Program
  • Public Debate Program

The European Policies and Civic Participation Program is responsible for the implementation of the Civil Society Index. The focus of the program activities reflects the new context of Bulgaria as a member of the EU as well as the need of developing capacity for successful participation in the decision- and policy-making on national and EU level.

Through the implementation of the Civil Society Index, the Open Society Institute – Sofia is trying to map the development of the civil society in Bulgaria in global context while focusing on country-specific objectives. The project is an opportunity to check what the understanding of the civil society is and who the bearer of the notion is; how legitimate is the sector and what impact it has on various issues of public concern.

For further information:

Ms. Dessislava Hristova

Tel: +359 2 930 6642






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