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The search for the missing 85….

Posted by civilsocietyindex on March 25, 2009

1for1-webCIVICUS membership launches its 1 for 1 campaign


One CIVICUS member for every UN Member state.


That’s the goal of CIVICUS’ 1 for 1 Membership campaign.


Why? To ensure that every country is represented in one of the largest civil society alliances in the world. We need your help to find members from the 85 countries not currently represented.


CIVICUS works to protect the rights, strengthen best practice, and increase the influence of civil society around the world. But CIVICUS cannot accomplish these goals alone. We depend on our members to inform us of the issues that are most pertinent and relevant to civil society. Without members in every country, CIVICUS and its network may be less effective in achieving our goals – so, help us fill in the gaps.


You can help grow our alliance and find the missing 85! Please visit the site:



Not yet a member? Join now ( and be a part of our growing alliance. Together, we can build a truly global alliance, acting together for a just world.




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