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CSI Partner Profile of the Week: ICPCD in Mexico

Posted by civilsocietyindex on April 30, 2009

ICPCD logo

ICPCD logo

Mexico is a nation in an urgent need for consensus. We need agreements with regard to the future that we aspire to construct; agreements that allow the most needed democratic change and its consolidation as well as the extension of paths towards economic and social development.

In face of this challenge, it is indispensable to vindicate democratic knowledge, sustained in the ethics and practice of dialogue, an open dialogue in which not only the main political actors can agree, but also the different stakeholders of organized society.

Iniciativa Ciudadana para la Promoción de la Cultura del Diálogo, A.C. was founded in 2006 as an answer to those needs.

Our vision: To promote the development of democratic knowledge of civil society and to contribute to its strengthening as a significant actor of public interest.

Our mission: To make available to civil society a set of cognitive, formative and communicative tools that reinforces their capacity of dialogue and infuence.

The central idea is to convert Iniciativa Ciudadana para la Promoción de la Cultura del Diálogo, A.C. into an institution that facilitates  processes of knowledge generation, training and communication. In this sense and in attention to its mission, the organization understands itself as a second level organization, in charge of making available to civil society a platform of cognitive, formative and communicative services reinforcing their capacities in the formulation of proposals and the generation of dynamics of dialogue, negotiation and agreement.

The achievement of these ideals shall come through the adherence of specific objectives, among which should be noted:

  • To fortify the capacities of civil society to engage in political dialogue.
  • To develop within civil society the values of a democratic culture: tolerance, transparency, dialogue, co-responsibility and capacity to coordinate and to contribute.
  • Promoting a culture of trust
  • To offer to society the necessary informative and cognitive information that they need to allow the formulation of diagnoses and ideological proposals, supported by greater technical capacity.
  • To contribute to the development of communication capacities that allow civil society to generate favorable public opinion to their causes.
  • To encourage the development of the capacity to design strategic and operational policy proposals to promote the development of effective legislation and public policies.

Iniciativa Ciudadana para la Promoción de la cultura del Diálogo A.C. and the Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía (CEMEFI) established a joint partnership to implement the Civil Society Index in a whole new context in Mexico, due to the political and legal changes that directly affect Civil Society Organizations. The CSI will clarify the importance of civil society in the country, the values that the sector represents and their interactions with stakeholders and other relevant actors.

Our web page is

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CSI at two upcoming ISTR regional conferences

Posted by civilsocietyindex on April 30, 2009

The International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR) is a major international association promoting research and education in the fields of philanthropy, civil society and the nonprofit sector. ISTR reflects the growing worldwide interest in Third Sector research and provides a permanent forum for international research, while at the same time building a global scholarly community in this field. You can visit their website here:





The CSI team will be participating in two ISTR conferences this year. One, from the 1st to the 3rd of July in Mexico City, Mexico at the 7th Regional Conference for Latin America and the Carribean. There, the CSI, along with five parterns implementing from around the region, will be presenting posters and a round table discussion on the project in the region. For more information on the conference, please visit:

The second ISTR regional conference we will be attending is in November at the Asia and Pacific Regional Conference in Taiwan. The team is currently developing a proposal for this conference, and you can find more information about the conference here:

We hope to be able to meet up with many of our past and current implementing partners at these two events. Please let us know if you will be attending these, or other conferences in the coming months.

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CSI Partner Profile of the Week: FECONG in Mali

Posted by civilsocietyindex on April 24, 2009

fecongFECONG – Fédération des Collectifs d’ONG

Créée en 2003, la FECONG est une organisation d’ONG faitière de 3ème niveau dans la mesure où elle regroupe uniquement des collectifs d’ONG. Sur 17 collectifs existants au Mali, 15 sont membres de la FECONG, répartis sur l’ensemble du territoire puisque les coordinations d’ONG des huit régions du pays sont membres. La Fédération compte également des grands regroupements nationaux tels que le SECO-ONG (collectifs des ONG maliennes), la CAFO et Yiribasuma (groupements d’ONG de femmes), le CCA ONG (qui regroupe ONG nationales et internationales), et des collectifs thématiques travaillant sur la santé, l’éducation et le micro-entreprenariat. Cette structure confédérative tient donc sa légitimité de sa représentativité dans le secteur des ONG.

Sa mission fondamentale est de participer au développement du Mali en contribuant au renforcement des collectifs d’ONG, en favorisant la prise de positions communes, et l’accès à la sphère publique en facilitant les interactions avec les pouvoirs publics.

Les actions de la FECONG s’organisent autour de deux grands axes :
Représentation et renforcement des collectifs d’ONG

La FECONG en tant que structure faîtière fut créée pour répondre à un besoin de représentation et de représentativité de l’ensemble des collectifs de second niveau qui avaient des difficultés par rapport au choix d’un pair pouvant légitimement les représenter.

La FECONG s’est donc donné comme objectifs de soutenir les collectifs d’ONG dans leurs capacités à produire du travail de qualité, à mobiliser des ressources financières et à veiller à l’application d’un code de déontologie partagé des ONG. La FECONG souhaite ainsi que les collectifs d’ONG soient des acteurs majeurs du renforcement de la société civile malienne.

Site web:
Email :
Adresse : Faladié Sokoro, rue 244, porte 93
Bamako- Mali
Téléphone : 00.223.
Cell : 76 36 42 18, 76 05 42 62

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CSI Press Release in Slovenia

Posted by civilsocietyindex on April 23, 2009

Please find a copy of the text below:


“Legal-Informational Centre for Nongovernmental Organisations – LIC”, together with a project partner “Social Protection Institute of the Republic of Slovenia”, is implementing the CIVICUS Civil Society Index project (CSI) 2008/2010. The CSI is a research project, which assesses the state of civil society in different countries of the world, with the intention to promote and strengthen the civil society. Interests group, government, donators, the general public and experts are also actively included within the activities of the project. Civil Society Index project has already been implemented in Slovenia between 2003 and 2005.

Within the project, two surveys will be conducted. The first, organisational survey, is intended to fill data gaps relating to the operations and governance of civil society organisations. The second one, external perception survey, will measure the impacts of civil society by interviewing stakeholders and experts in key sectors about their perception of civil society impact. On the basis of the surveys results case studies will be made in order to deepen the analysis of the gained data.

The results of the project will be presented to four regional focus groups and at a national workshop. They will also be forwarded to the stakeholders, activists, government, citizens and researchers. The main intention will be to present a unified aspect about the nature and impacts of civil society, the challenges the sector faces and the enriched aspects of civil society as a whole. The whole project and its key findings will also be presented in the final report, which will be distributed to the public and all others interested.

Contact person:
Ana Matoz Ravnik, koordinator projekta
Pravno-informacijski center nevladnih organizacij – PIC
Telephone number: + 386 1 521 18 88

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CIVICUS is on Facebook!

Posted by civilsocietyindex on April 20, 2009

computersKeep in touch with CIVICUS and our supporters around the world via the wonders of Facebook.

Do you want to receive updates on CIVICUS and our activities right in your news feed? If yes, click here to become a CIVICUS fan.

Do you want to make connections with our CIVICUS supporters around the world? If yes, click here to join the CIVICUS group.

We look forward to seeing you online soon!

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CSI e-newsletter now online

Posted by federicosilva on April 14, 2009

ostereier16013 … just as colorful as these Easter eggs the latest CSI e-newsletter is now available here

You can also see previous issues of the newsletter on the CSI website. Click here for more information and links to previous issues.

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CSI Partner of the Week: Counterpart, Armenia

Posted by civilsocietyindex on April 9, 2009

Counterpart Armenia

Counterpart Armenia

Congratulations to Counterpart, who recently conducted an International Honorary Committee meeting in Yerevan, in support of the CSI imlementation in Armenia. Please see the country partner links section to the right to click on their CSI webpage. They are this week’s CSI partner profile of the week!


Founded in 1965, Counterpart International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a just world through service and partnership. Counterpart gives people a voice in their own future through smart partnerships, offering options and access to tools for sustained social, economic and environmental development.

Counterpart International and its partner organizations are responsible for the implementation of the Civil Society Index in Armenia, where we have been working on civil society strengthening programming since 2004, and on humanitarian assistance provision since the early part of the decade. For more information on this project and Counterpart International’s work and partners in Armenia click here. (

We have forged strategic partnerships in the public and private sectors to help people improve the quality of their lives and revitalize their communities in more than 60 nations. Counterpart International provides people access to the tools they need for a life of dignity for themselves, their communities and their countries. Since 1993 Counterpart has built, developed and strengthened over 10,000 non-governmental organizations in Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), as well as the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Working with local communities to build their capacity to act on their local problems in the way they want, Counterpart programs include humanitarian and relief assistance, education, healthcare, democracy and governance, food security, enterprise and business development, sustainable tourism and natural resource management. For more info click here. (

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CSI Report on Mozambique now online!

Posted by civilsocietyindex on April 8, 2009

The CIVICUS Civil Society Index (CSI) in Mozambique, implemented by the Foundation for Community Development (FDC) between March and December 2007, found that civil society plays a fundamental role in governance and development in the country. Nevertheless, its ability to participate in these processes is often hampered by several internal and external factors. The findings conclude that Mozambican civil society has weak structure and values, and operates in a constrained environment. Structurally, the main weaknesses are due to limited human and financial resources available to CSOs. In terms of values, the weaknesses relate to transparency, gender equity and diversity. While the environment in which Mozambican civil society operates has improved, citizens are hindered in the exercise of their rights and the state is at times undemocratic and marred by an inefficient bureaucracy. The report reckons that any improvement in the dimensions of structure and environment needs to be accompanied by the promotion of values such as participatory democracy, inclusivity, transparency, tolerance, and non-violence. This will in turn increase society’s confidence in civil society and improve the currently low levels of impact of civil society on governance and fundamental developmental challenges in the country.

You can find a full copy of the report available for download at the following:

Congratulations to the Mozambique team on their hard work and record-time implementation in the previous phase!

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Turkey’s new CSI page

Posted by civilsocietyindex on April 7, 2009

good-job1Below you can find a link to TUSEV’s new website on the CSI implementation in Turkey.

It looks great TUSEV— very comprehensive.  Keep up the good work!

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Request for Information from the CSI Team

Posted by civilsocietyindex on April 6, 2009

Dear CSI partners,


As you know by now, the CIVICUS World Assembly has been postponed for this year. However, we are still interested in meeting up with partners and knowing what civil society events and conferences you will be attending throughout 2009.


Please let us know if you plan on holding and/or attending any national, regional or international civil society conferences or events during 2009


We look forward to hearing from you,

The CSI team




Estimados socios del ISC,
Como usted ya debe saber, la Asamblea Mundial de CIVICUS se ha sido aplazada para este año. Sin embargo, todavía estamos interesados en reunirnos con ustedes, los socios del ISC saber qué eventos y conferencias de la sociedad que se asisten en 2009.
Por favor, háganos saber si tienen ustedes planes de desarrollar y/o asistir a eventos o conferencias nacionales, regionales o internacionales sobre la tema de la sociedad civil durante 2009
En solidaridad,
El equipo ISC




Chers Partenaires de l’ISC


Comme vous le savez, l’Assemblée Mondiale de cette année est reportée. Cependant, nous souhaitons tout de même avoir une occasion de connecter avec nos partenaires.


Merci de nous dire si vous prévoyez d’organiser ou de participer à une conférence de la société civile au niveau national, régional ou international en 2009.


A très bientôt,

L’Equipe de l’ISC



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