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Partner Profile of the Week: SINERGIA Venezuela

Posted by civilsocietyindex on April 2, 2009



Who we are

SINERGIA is a non profit alliance founded in 1996 with the mission of serving as a democratic space for civil society cooperation. SINERGIA works to create opportunities for participation and to strengthen citizenship in order to contribute to an active and committed sector, as well as to promote equitable public policies and democracy in Venezuela.

To achieve these goals, SINERGIA brings together recognized networks and organizations dedicated to the promotion of human rights advocacy, strengthening citizenship, social and economical development, public policy influence and civil society capacity building.

What we do

In line with this mission, SINERGIA undertakes a wide range of activities such as colloquia on issues of national interest, campaigns to promote informed public participation, observing the rights to participation and association in Venezuela, the promotion of Citizen Public Policy Agendas, as well as training programs and technical assistance for institutional strengthening and research on civil society. The alliance is currently developing an Internet Gateway in order to improve opportunities for exchange among organizations as well as with Venezuelan society at large.


Operations Committee Director: Feliciano Reyna Ganteame
Executive Director: Illiana Muñoz
Institutional Relationships and Communnication: Ilvia Rojas
CSI Coordinator: Vanessa Cartaya
Observatory on Participation and Association Rights: Lourdes Alvarez


Centro Rental de la Universidad Metropolitana (CENTROMET)
Entrada Sur, Edif. Andrés Germán Otero, Piso 2, Ofic. 4, Terrazas del Ávila. Caracas. Estado Miranda. Venezuela

Phone: (58 212) 242 0101 / 2411559
Telefax: 243 9133
E-mail: acsinergia
Web Site:

The CSI Project in Venezuela

Implementing the CSI Project in Venezuela poses significant challenges for achieving an inclusive dialogue given the current polarized context. But, at the same time, we envision this undertaking -based on participatory tools for assessing the state of civil society and agree action plans among different stakeholders- as an opportunity for promoting new spaces where ideas and agendas can be discussed.


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