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CSI Partner Profile of the Week: ICPCD in Mexico

Posted by civilsocietyindex on April 30, 2009

ICPCD logo

ICPCD logo

Mexico is a nation in an urgent need for consensus. We need agreements with regard to the future that we aspire to construct; agreements that allow the most needed democratic change and its consolidation as well as the extension of paths towards economic and social development.

In face of this challenge, it is indispensable to vindicate democratic knowledge, sustained in the ethics and practice of dialogue, an open dialogue in which not only the main political actors can agree, but also the different stakeholders of organized society.

Iniciativa Ciudadana para la Promoción de la Cultura del Diálogo, A.C. was founded in 2006 as an answer to those needs.

Our vision: To promote the development of democratic knowledge of civil society and to contribute to its strengthening as a significant actor of public interest.

Our mission: To make available to civil society a set of cognitive, formative and communicative tools that reinforces their capacity of dialogue and infuence.

The central idea is to convert Iniciativa Ciudadana para la Promoción de la Cultura del Diálogo, A.C. into an institution that facilitates  processes of knowledge generation, training and communication. In this sense and in attention to its mission, the organization understands itself as a second level organization, in charge of making available to civil society a platform of cognitive, formative and communicative services reinforcing their capacities in the formulation of proposals and the generation of dynamics of dialogue, negotiation and agreement.

The achievement of these ideals shall come through the adherence of specific objectives, among which should be noted:

  • To fortify the capacities of civil society to engage in political dialogue.
  • To develop within civil society the values of a democratic culture: tolerance, transparency, dialogue, co-responsibility and capacity to coordinate and to contribute.
  • Promoting a culture of trust
  • To offer to society the necessary informative and cognitive information that they need to allow the formulation of diagnoses and ideological proposals, supported by greater technical capacity.
  • To contribute to the development of communication capacities that allow civil society to generate favorable public opinion to their causes.
  • To encourage the development of the capacity to design strategic and operational policy proposals to promote the development of effective legislation and public policies.

Iniciativa Ciudadana para la Promoción de la cultura del Diálogo A.C. and the Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía (CEMEFI) established a joint partnership to implement the Civil Society Index in a whole new context in Mexico, due to the political and legal changes that directly affect Civil Society Organizations. The CSI will clarify the importance of civil society in the country, the values that the sector represents and their interactions with stakeholders and other relevant actors.

Our web page is


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