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CSI included in UNDP’s new Governance Portal

Posted by civilsocietyindex on May 14, 2009


UNDP are pleased to introduce the Governance Assessment Portal now available at:

The Portal is the first global hub and one-stop shop in the area of democratic governance assessments, and includes the CIVICUS CSI programme as one of its assessment tools. 

The portal will provide UNDP staff, national counterparts and the wider community of stakeholders easy access to a variety of sources of information for planning and implementing country-led governance assessments. It also provides important guidance on UNDP’s niche, principles and approach in assisting developing countries to produce disaggregated and non-ranking governance indicators. The Portal will ultimately be an important resource for national stakeholders to better monitor performance in democratic governance reforms.

The Portal is an integral part of the UNDP Global Programme on Democratic Governance Assessments hosted at the UNDP Oslo Governance Centre. Country-led democratic governance assessments have over the years become a key element in our broader agenda on democratic governance: to foster inclusive participation, strengthen accountable and responsive governing institutions, and ground governance in international principles of human rights, gender equity and integrity.

The portal offers:

  • An extensive how-to guide
  • Guidance in assessing different areas of governance, such as corruption, local governance or justice
  • Toolbox with different governance assessment frameworks and indicators
  • An inventory of examples of country initiatives
  • Directory of organizations that work on governance assessments
  • A library of publications on measuring governance produced by various organizations, free of charge and accessible to all
  • A source guide to global governance indicators

The site is a work in progress and will be continuously updated and improved. New features will be added. Pipeline products include a Network where users can upload their profiles and connect with others as well as a Wiki where users can add articles and share knowledge.

UNDP would be grateful for any comments that you may have on how to best improve the site. Please write to Joachim Nahem ( or Ingvild Oia (


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