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Posted by civilsocietyindex on May 29, 2009

CIVICUS is 16 years old today!  

 You can find more updates, pictures and reflections from staff, members and the Secretary General of the organization on the CIVICUS website:

sweet 16

So Happy Birthday to YOU our CIVICUS Members, partners and stakeholders!

Joyeux anniversaire aux membres de CIVICUS!

Gelukkige Verjaardag aan Leden CIVICUS!

Feliz cumpleaños a los miembros de CIVICUS!

Feliz aniversario aos membros de CIVICUS!

Buon compleanno ai membri di CIVICUS!


С днем рождения к членам CIVICUS

CIVICUS 일원에게 축 생일

Χρόνια πολλά στα μέλη CIVICUS

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag zu den CIVICUS Mitgliedern!

عيد ميلاد سعيد لأعضاء التحالف


A message from CIVICUS Secretary General Ingrid Srinath:

What’s it like to be 16 these days? For many 16 year olds around the world the future has never looked less certain. Many young people, who a year ago imagined they knew exactly what life had in store for them, suddenly find themselves confronted with the possibility that they will not simply graduate, get a job, buy a home and live their dreams. For many more, the future couldn’t be more certain. They will, by sheer accident of birth, be condemned to a life eking out a living from the scrap heaps of the rich and powerful. Girls who are already mothers, raising children as malnourished as themselves. Boys who see no choices but drudgery or crime.

Depending on where they live, and their circumstances, 16 is the age at which they might be permitted to consume alcohol, drive a vehicle, vote, or serve in the armed forces. Or make the choice to leave the confines of their families for higher education. Or be conscripted into a guerrilla force. Or find a way to use their talents to shape a better future for their generation. In any event, a time of growing responsibility.

For CIVICUS, which turns 16 this week, the anniversary is a time to grapple with challenges old and new. Can we meet the growing expectations of our members, partners, donors and staff? Can we fulfil our mandate to defend civil society from growing threats, amplify the voices of the silenced, speak truth to power and convene a global coalition of the scale and diversity necessary to confront the confluence of crises we collectively face? Can we find the resources – human and financial – to achieve these goals?

Thanks to the vision of our founders, the commitment of donors who support that vision, passionate leadership over the 16 years and the dedication of CIVICUS’ board and staff – past and present – we are better placed than most to rise to the challenges we now face. We’ve been overwhelmed by the messages of solidarity and encouragement we’ve received. This anniversary is a great opportunity to thank all those who make it possible for us to face the future with optimism and hope. From each of us at CIVICUS to each of you – ‘Thank you!’


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