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CSI Top Ten Interesting Facts of the Week

Posted by civilsocietyindex on June 1, 2009

top 1010. We are currently implementing in a total of 58 countries around the world

9. Of those 58 current implementers, 20 of them participated in the previous phase

8. A few countries are almost finished this new phase of implementation, including Zambia, Uruguay, Turkey, Bulgaria and Armenia— congratulations to you!

7. Bilial Aurang Zeb has just joined the team as a new Country Support and M&E Officer, and Katherine Langer has joined as an impact assessment intern

6. We are welcoming these two new team members as we kick off the new CSI impact assessment and evaluation— keep your eyes open for new updates and information about the impact of the CSI

5. The CSI blog gets an average of 35 hits per day and is getting great reviews. Thanks to all for your contributions and interactions, and keep those updates coming!

4. CSI is going to be represented at two regional ISTR conferences this year: one in Mexico in July, and one in Taiwan in November

3. We will be welcoming three new countries into the implementation in the coming months: Russia, Belarus and Sudan

2. The last country report of the previous phase of implementation has been finalized, from Burkina Faso. We will be letting you know on this blog and other CIVICUS arenas when the final version of their country report is published online

1. The CSI is growing, and we are in the process of recruiting another Programme Officer to help with country support and communications, a new research intern, as well as a new administrative assistant to support the work of the programme


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