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Looking for the signs of impact

Posted by federicosilva on July 16, 2009

signsofimpactThe CSI Phase 2003-2006’s Impact Assessment is live and kicking! Now that three years have passed since the last phase of implementation, CIVICUS believes that it is appropriate that we learn more about the impact of the CSI programme. While we did contract an evaluation soon after the end of the last phase, that evaluation only captured short-term effects related to CIVICUS’ stated goals. In this assessment, we will look more broadly at all the changes-both intended and unintended as well as both positive and negative-that the CSI has inspired since implementation. We plan to use the knowledge that we gain from this impact assessment to analyse the results of the last phase of the CSI and to develop a set of best practices for the most effective use of CSI findings.

The impact assessment will take place in two main stages:
1. CIVICUS will conduct an internal impact assessment comprised primarily of questionnaires and follow-up phone interviews.
2. CIVICUS will employ an external evaluator to conduct a detailed third party assessment.

To help us in this endeavour, we ask our NCOs from the previous phase to please complete the questionnaire as part of our internal assessment as soon as possible. It is our intention that the results of this assessment will be helpful not only for CIVICUS but for your organisation as well.

Get in contact with Katherine Langer now at for further details.


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