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CSI implementation in Russia taking off!

Posted by civilsocietyindex on August 31, 2009

runningAfter being recently incorporated into the current phase of the CSI, the implementation in Russia is now off and running, with the first AC meeting already being completed! HSE has posted several photos and documents from the AC meeting online (in Russian), which you can access below:

Report and videotape from the first Advisory Council (AC) meeting are placed at the web-site of the State University – Higher School of Economics:  

Photo report about the event is located here:

Report from the roundtable “Civil Society Indexes and Ratings for Assessment of the Russian Civil Society: Existing Tools and 2009 Research” of the inter-committee working group of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation on preparation of the annual report on the state of civil society in Russia:

Congratulations on all your hard work
and early successes!

And for other partners, be sure to share your online news and resources as well– all reports, photos and news links are always welcome!

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Malta’s new CSI website

Posted by civilsocietyindex on August 28, 2009

Thumbs upCongratulations to the People for Change (PfC) Foundation in Malta, who just launched the CSI project and website in the country.  The website includes lots of information on the project, with regular updates on the status of implementation as well. 

You can check out their newly launched website here:

Congratulations to PfC for their online launch, and remember that you can access links to other CSI partner webpages in the toolbar at the right of this blog.  and if you want your CSI pages publicized, send them along for us to include!

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Partner profile of the week: GADIS and UCA in Argentina

Posted by civilsocietyindex on August 25, 2009

Logo GADISGADIS (Social and Institutional Analysis and Development Group) is a non-profit association created in 1987 in Buenos Aires, Argentina by a group of professionals and technicians. Since its creation, GADIS has dedicated itself to the promotion of three main goals: (1) the institutional strengthening of civil society organizations, (2) the development of active citizenship and increasing its incidence in public policy making, and (3) the creation and dissemination of knowledge relating to civil society.

In order to fulfill its mission, GADIS undertakes activities that include technical assistance for non-profit organizations, carrying out research regarding civil society issues, promoting the creation and maintenance of inter- and intra-institutional networks and platforms for dialogue, as well as conducting knowledge management and dissemination activities such as workshops, CSO directories and web-based information hubs.

In the field of civil society research, an area GADIS has pioneered in Argentina, research topics frequently include corporate philanthropy, citizen participation, the history and development of civil society, accountability of CSOs, as well as the legal framework of CSOs and the relationship with the state, among others. GADIS has also carried out large scale national civil society research projects such as the Civil Society Development Index (BID-PNUD) and the CIVICUS Civil Society Index (phases 2003-05 and 2008-10).

Contact Information
Avda Corrientes 989 – 7º. 37 – (1043) Buenos Aires – ARGENTINA
Phone/fax: (5411) 4322 2635
E mail:  


UCAThe Argentinean Catholic University (UCA) is an academic institution with over 50 years of experience and influence in the country. With campuses in the cities of Buenos Aires, Rosario, Mendoza and Parana, it enjoys a student body of over 20,000 with 3600 professors across the various campuses.

Participating in the CSI project is the UCA’s Sociology Department, which hosts postgraduate research and teaching activities. Among its main areas of research are organizational aspects, particularly those that relate to the social policy making and thus allow a bridge between the academic life of the university with political and social issues. Since 1980, the Department has also periodically organized Sociological Symposia, which have typically been focused on issues related to civil society, volunteerism and citizen participation.

In designing and implementing community-level social projects, the UCA Sociology Department works in conjunction with other academic departments in order to optimize and strengthen civil society organizations. Chair of the Department is Dr. Beatriz Balian, who also serves as a member of the ISTR Commission and is the author of numerous articles on civil society.

Contact information:
Departamento de Sociología, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Económicas, UCA.
Address: Avda Alicia Moreau de Justo 1600 P.B. ofic.8 C1107AFF Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel: (54 11) 4349 0222

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CSI Staff coming and going…

Posted by civilsocietyindex on August 24, 2009

thank youThe Civil Society Index Team would like to say a fond farewell and huge thank you to Katherine Langer, who has been with the CSI team since May 2009 as a research intern. She has been working on the preparatory and initial background research activities for upcoming impact assessment for the CSI phase 2003-2006, interviewing past partners and collecting initial signs of impact from the previous phase of implementation. We would like to thank her for her hard work and significant contribution to the CSI programme, and wish her well as she returns to the United states to complete her masters degree.

We would also like to welcome Sinqobile Dube back to the CSI team as CSI Support Officer, after a brief but successful assignment with the CIVICUS IANGO programme. Welcome back Sinqobile, and we look forward to working with you again!

You can find more information on all current CSI staff here:

And keep your eyes on this site for updates and information on our new Programme Officer, arriving in September!

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Partner Profile of the Week: The Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development in Georgia

Posted by civilsocietyindex on August 18, 2009

CIPDDThe Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (CIPDD) was established in 1992 in Tbilisi, Georgia to advocate for policy goals such as the development of a vibrant and diverse civil society, as well as effective and accountable public institutions based on the rule of law and an integrated political community, which at the same time respect and preserve identities of different ethnic and religious communities in Georgia.

Main strategic priorities include:

  1. Public policy debate and development
  2. Democratic state and support for civil institutions
  3. Civil integration in the multi-ethnic and multi-confessional environment

CIPDD seeks to contribute to the implementation of these goals through producing relevant and high-quality public policy documents, and encouraging a pluralistic and informed public policy debate in Georgia. The Caucasus Institute is a catalyst of public discussion: we gain knowledge on public problems, propose to the citizens their analysis, assessment and options for the solution, and broaden the circle of people willing to debate public issues in the country.

In terms of the CSI programme, CIPDD started the implementation of the CSI in Georgia in 2008. The first stage (research) was generously funded by the Open Society Georgia Foundation ( We are now looking for funding for the second stage (producing country report and policy brief, promotion of project findings). If you are interested in supporting CSI in Georgia, please contact the NIT at  

Contact Information

72, Tsereteli Ave, 2nd floor
0154 Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: +995 32 35 51 54/35 59 57
Fax: +995 32 35 57 54
CSI contacts: Paata Gurgenidze ( and Tina Tkeshelashvili (

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Collecting Signs of Impact from 2003-2006: Montenegro

Posted by civilsocietyindex on August 17, 2009

CRNVODuring the 2003-2006 phase of the CSI (which you can find out more about on our website: CIVICUS’ country partner in Montenegro was Centar za Razvoj Nevladinih Organizacija (CRNVO), or the Center for the Development of Non-Governmental Organisations.

The mission of CRNVO:

  • To provide support to development of non-governmental organizations in Montenegro and contribute to creation of a favorable environment for citizens’ participation in public policy issues and civil society development 

The key aims of the organization are:

  • increase capacity of NGOs
  • to improve cooperation between state, local government, non-governmental organizations and commercial sector
  • to increase understanding of importance and role that NGOs play in the society
  • to contribute to the development of democracy, rule of law and human rights.

Since 2001, as part of its programmatic activities to strengthen non-governmental organisations, CRNVO has provided one to five day trainings about democracy and civic education, ensuring funds for NGO work, preparing project proposals, successfully implementing projects, building team relations, assessing projects and organizations, managing funds, making long-term plans and strategies, NGO management, lobbying and managing public campaigns, and public relations.

After implementing the CSI in the previous phase and identifying corporate social responsibility as an area that needed further development, CRNVO’s Team of Trainers also began giving one-day trainings about corporate social responsibility to members of the private sector. In the future, they hope to extend the training to include working on concrete plans for becoming more socially responsible.

For more information about CRNVO’s trainings, please visit their informative and interactive website:  

You can also learn more about CRNVO and its other work on its homepage: thank you

Thank you to partners for sharing your national and regional signs of impact from the previous phase of CSI implementation, and keep watching this blog for more stories of impact of the CSI around the world!

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2010 CSI Publications: Notice for Implementing Partners

Posted by civilsocietyindex on August 14, 2009

Dear CSI implementing Partners,

As you know, the current phase of the CIVICUS Civil Society Index is now well underway, and we are starting to think about the next round of books for the project. (For information on the books produced during the previous phase of implementation, you can check out the following CSI webpage:  

In order to start planning for this next round of CSI books, we would like to alert all partners that to be included in the next CSI publications, you will need to have completed and submitted the following by the date indicated:

  • Datasets from the three primary research surveys to the CSI team for analysis and generation of CSI diamond: DEADLINE 1 December 2009
  • A draft copy of your Analytical Country Report: DEADLINE 15 February 2010

If you have any comments or questions on these requirements or timelines, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at any time. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the months ahead, and best of luck as your implementation process continues!

With warmest wishes,
The CSI Team


Estimados socios del proyecto ISC,

Como ya sabe usted, estamos ahora implementando el ISC en varios países alrededor del mundo, y por eso estamos en el proceso de empezar pensar en las próximas versiones de los libros del proyecto ISC. (Por más información sobre los libros producidos en la última fase de implementación, por favor visita la siguiente página:  

Para hacer planes preliminares para los próximos libros producidos por el proyecto, quisiéramos avisarles que para ser incluidos en estos libros, necesitamos lo siguiente, antes de la fecha indicada:

  • Bases de datos de las tres encuestas del proyecto enviado al equipo ISC por análisis y la generación del diamante por su país: ULTIMA FECHA 1 Diciembre 2009
  • Una copia borrador de su Informe Analítico: ULTIMA FECHA 15 Febrero 2010

Si tengan algún comentario o pregunta sobre estos requisitos o fechas, no hesitan comunicarse con el equipo ISC. Estamos entusiasmados continuar trabajar con ustedes, y esperamos que tengan mucho éxito con la implementación de las próximas actividades del proyecto!

Con nuestros mejores deseos y en solidaridad,
El Equipo ISC


Chers Partenaires de l’Indice de la Société Civile,

Comme vous le savez, cette phase de mise en œuvre de l’Indice de la Société Civile est maintenant largement entamée, et CIVICUS commence donc à planifier les publications qui en découleront. (Pour plus d’informations sur les livres publiés lors de la précédente phase de mise ne œuvre, merci de consulter la page web suivante :

Nous souhaitons alerter nos partenaires que s’ils souhaitent être inclus dans les publications de l’Indice de la Société Civile pour cette phase ils doivent avoir soumis les éléments suivants avant la date indiquée ci-dessous :

  • Les données des trois questionnaires de recherche primaire (Enquête auprès de la Population, Enquête Organisationnelle, Enquête sur le Perceptions Extérieures) AVANT LE 1er DECEMBRE 2009.
  • La première version (draft) de leur Rapport Analytique de Pays AVANT LE 15 FEVRIER 2010.

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez la moindre question sur les documents à soumettre ou les dates limites mentionnées ci-dessus.

Au plaisir de continuer le travail avec vous dans les mois à venir, et en vous souhaitant le meilleur pour le processus de mise en œuvre en cour.

Sincères Salutations,
L’équipe de l’ISC

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CIVICUS Annual Report now online!

Posted by civilsocietyindex on August 13, 2009



Dear CIVICUS supporter,

2008 was, in multiple ways, a watershed year for CIVICUS. Not only did it include a leadership transition, it was also the year that CIVICUS adopted its new Strategic Directions and the year that global crises finally culminated in a financial and economic meltdown which poses the most severe threats and challenges to civil society at all levels.

The 2008 CIVICUS Annual Report provides an overview of our activities throughout this busy year. To be environmental and cost friendly, we are distributing it exclusively online. You may download:

We hope that this report gives you the necessary information to continue to strengthen our relationship in the challenging year ahead. 2009 will call on civil society to respond with greater cohesion, purpose and resolve than ever before. We look forward to continuing our journey towards a more just world with you.


         anabel cruz              

ingrid srinath









Anabel Cruz       &       Ingrid Srinath

Chair of the Board           Secretary General


Physical Address (South Africa): CIVICUS House, 24 Gwigwi Mrwebi Street (formerly Pim), corner Quinn Street, Newtown, Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa

Postal Address (South Africa): PO Box 933, Southdale, Johannesburg, 2135, South Africa

Tel: +27 11 833 5959 | Fax: +27 11 833 7997

Address (USA): 1420 K Street NW, Suite 900, Washington DC, 20005, USA

Tel: +1 202 331 8581 | Fax: +1 202 331 8774

E-mail: | Web:

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REMINDER: Deadline fast approaching for CSI Impact Assessment applications

Posted by civilsocietyindex on August 12, 2009

Reminder!This is a reminder to all interested parties that the deadline is fast approaching for applications to conduct the upcoming CSI Impact Assessment of the Phase from 2003-2006.


19 August 2009


Interested candidates are invited to contact Bilal Zeb, CSI Programme Officer at to request additional documents on which to base their application. The complete candidacy should also be submitted to Bilal Zeb and comprise the following documents:

  • a letter of interest
  • detailed resume with contact details of three referees
  • technical proposal clearly giving the consultant’s understanding of the assignment, and proposed IA plan and methodology
  • a budget including the approximate number of days required fees and other relevant cost
  • a detailed timeline
  • the organisation’s annual report (if applicable)
  • a sample of a previously conducted Impact Assessment

For more information, please contact Bilal or check out the original blog posting here for more information on the Impact Assessment process and ToR.

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Partner Profile of the Week: Third Sector Institute, South Korea

Posted by civilsocietyindex on August 11, 2009

TSI logo

The Third Sector Institute at Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea conducts research on the civil society and nongovernmental organizations (NGO) or nonprofit organizations (NPO), and develops a variety of programs and projects concerning the partnership among government, business and the third sector. In doing so, we aim to contribute to consolidating a democratic civil society in Korea.

There are six major research projects and programs undertaken by the Third Sector Institute:

  1. To conduct research & publication on civil society and democracy in Korea
  2. To hold NGO/NPO, and Government accountable and transparent
  3. To improve the partnership between government, corporation, university, and NGOs
  4. To support grassroot advocacy through citizen participation & volunteering
  5. To conduct civic education programming
  6. International Research and Networking

Contact Information

The Third Sector Institute
Hanyang University
Handang-dong 17, Sungdong-ku
Seoul, South Korea

Tel. 82-2-2220-1244
Fax. 82-2-2220-1719


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