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Partner profile of the week: GADIS and UCA in Argentina

Posted by civilsocietyindex on August 25, 2009

Logo GADISGADIS (Social and Institutional Analysis and Development Group) is a non-profit association created in 1987 in Buenos Aires, Argentina by a group of professionals and technicians. Since its creation, GADIS has dedicated itself to the promotion of three main goals: (1) the institutional strengthening of civil society organizations, (2) the development of active citizenship and increasing its incidence in public policy making, and (3) the creation and dissemination of knowledge relating to civil society.

In order to fulfill its mission, GADIS undertakes activities that include technical assistance for non-profit organizations, carrying out research regarding civil society issues, promoting the creation and maintenance of inter- and intra-institutional networks and platforms for dialogue, as well as conducting knowledge management and dissemination activities such as workshops, CSO directories and web-based information hubs.

In the field of civil society research, an area GADIS has pioneered in Argentina, research topics frequently include corporate philanthropy, citizen participation, the history and development of civil society, accountability of CSOs, as well as the legal framework of CSOs and the relationship with the state, among others. GADIS has also carried out large scale national civil society research projects such as the Civil Society Development Index (BID-PNUD) and the CIVICUS Civil Society Index (phases 2003-05 and 2008-10).

Contact Information
Avda Corrientes 989 – 7º. 37 – (1043) Buenos Aires – ARGENTINA
Phone/fax: (5411) 4322 2635
E mail:  


UCAThe Argentinean Catholic University (UCA) is an academic institution with over 50 years of experience and influence in the country. With campuses in the cities of Buenos Aires, Rosario, Mendoza and Parana, it enjoys a student body of over 20,000 with 3600 professors across the various campuses.

Participating in the CSI project is the UCA’s Sociology Department, which hosts postgraduate research and teaching activities. Among its main areas of research are organizational aspects, particularly those that relate to the social policy making and thus allow a bridge between the academic life of the university with political and social issues. Since 1980, the Department has also periodically organized Sociological Symposia, which have typically been focused on issues related to civil society, volunteerism and citizen participation.

In designing and implementing community-level social projects, the UCA Sociology Department works in conjunction with other academic departments in order to optimize and strengthen civil society organizations. Chair of the Department is Dr. Beatriz Balian, who also serves as a member of the ISTR Commission and is the author of numerous articles on civil society.

Contact information:
Departamento de Sociología, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Económicas, UCA.
Address: Avda Alicia Moreau de Justo 1600 P.B. ofic.8 C1107AFF Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel: (54 11) 4349 0222


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