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CSI Partner Profile of the Week: TUSEV from Turkey

Posted by civilsocietyindex on September 28, 2009


Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TUSEV) was established in 1993 by Turkey’s leading civil society organizations (CSO), and has now grown to a supporting network of over 100 associations and foundations that share a vision of strengthening the legal, fiscal and operational infrastructure of the third (non-profit) sector in Turkey.

Among TUSEV’s main objectives are civil society law reform, research on civil society and philanthropy, promoting social investment and social justice philanthropy, and facilitating partnerships across sectors, as well as across borders. Since its establishment, TUSEV has been a leader in producing literature and policy for the sector’s needs and future, and has played a crucial role in recent reforms concerning civil society laws.

In 2008, the Foundation and its trustees hosted the 19th EFC Annual General Assembly and Conference in Istanbul, which marked the largest international gathering of foundations in the history of Turkey. TUSEV also conducted the CSI National Workshop in June, and is now well on their way to finalizing their reports and the implementation of the CSI in the country for this phase. Congratulations on all of your hard work!

More information on TUSEV is available at, and more information on the CSI implementation in Turkey is available at

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