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CSI Sign of Impact of the week: Research

Posted by civilsocietyindex on September 29, 2009

Further Research Inspired by CSI Findings

The Civil Society Index 2003-2006 has inspired other research on civil society around the world.  Some examples, as a result of our preliminary CSI 2003-2006 Impact Assessment, can be found below:

Montenegro: the CSI report identified that “the key problem constraining the sustainability of civil society sector is the limited availability of financial resources” and that “the private sector has no interest in working with and supporting CSOs.”  These findings helped lead to (and were also used by) CRNVO for a publication entitled “Development of Corporate Social Responsibility.”

Togo: Based on CSI findings REALITE GOUVERNANCE (RG) plan to conduct research about the topic: Activism of Civil Society in Togo

Palestine: Dissemination of findings has affected organizations differently. Some research centres have developed their own research agendas based on some findings of the CSI study to understand the weaknesses of civil society organizations that the study has exposed, to try to bridge the gap and find answers and solutions. While the academia have been informed more about the problems of the civil society organizations and their deviation from real development and have tried to conceptualize the development paradigms and understand the transition that is happening at this stage in the civil society

Vietnam: Many research organisations have being interested in CS studies and some donor organisations (government as well as international) are willing to fund for these researches. In 2007 – 2008 CECODES conducted an evidence-based research project “Empowering Civil Society Organisations (CSO) for Conflict Resolution in Rural Areas in the Urbanization Process”, funded by the Embassy of Finland. In 2008, with the financial support of the Finish Embassy, CECODES has been conducting a two-year project to evaluate the situation of corruption and build capacity in corruption prevention and anti-corruption for civil society organisations.


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