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Profile of the Week: Malta: The People for Change Foundation

Posted by civilsocietyindex on October 13, 2009


Creating Change for People



Preparing People for Change


Set up in 2007, the People for Change Foundation is structured into six specialized institutes, each of which takes on projects and initiatives within its respective area with a high degree of professionalism owed to the experience of the individuals involved within their areas of expertise.

The People for Change Foundation’s vision is of a just, fair and inclusive society all members of which may reach their full potential unhindered by factors such as age, race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

The People for Change Foundation’s mission is to undertake research, advocacy and proactive action to promote social cohesion, respect for Human Rights and empowerment.
Current Projects
The People for Change Foundation is currently involved in a number of projects including:
  • providing asylum seekers with adequate material to be able to acquire assistance and healthcare within Maltese society;  
  • in the area of racism as the national European Network Against Racism coordinating body;  
  • in the area of youth capacity building as a partner in an e-learning project funded by the Council of Europe;  
  • on Overseas Development Aid within the National Platform for Non-Governmental Development Organizations;  
  • and in human rights and citizenship education by providing resources and support on a national level on these topics.  
  • We are also working on policy recommendations in the field of children and the media, children’s participation, national youth policy, racism, health of asylum seekers, human rights education within formal education, and civil society involvement in national fora. 

The Civil Society Index in Malta

Work on the preparation for the Civil Society Index in Malta commenced in 2008 with initial proposals and presentations. The actual implementation of the initiative started in July 2009 following the seed grant provided by CIVICUS. At present, the focus of our work is on the gathering of all the data through the various surveys. Moreover, we are continuously looking for further funding and support for the implementation of the project.

Contact Details

The People for Change Foundation
176, St. Julian’s Str. San Gwann, SGN 2803 Malta
CSI Website:
CSI e-mail:
Contact Number: 00356 27445954


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