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Impact of the Week: Uruguay: Additional Research about Accountability in Uruguay and the Region

Posted by civilsocietyindex on October 15, 2009

CIVICUS’ country partner in Uruguay during the 2003-2006 phase was the Instituto de Comunicación y Desarrollo or the Institute for Communication and Development (ICD).  Its mission is to “produce knowledge and promote actions that contribute to greater citizen participation in democratic life, in the processes of national development and in regional integration.”  Anabel Cruz and Fernando Barreiro serve as ICD’s directors, and Analía Bettoni is the organisation’s project coordinator.  ICD began implementing the first phase of the Civil Society Index in June of 2003 and completed the project in December 2005.  ICD is also currently re-implementing the CSI in the 2008-2009 phase.

One of the findings of the 2003-2006 CSI report in Uruguay was that accountability and transparency were weak in the civil society sector.  Based on this information, ICD began projects for follow-up research.

The first project was about accountability and civil society in 10 Ibero-American countries. It began in June of 2006 and lasted two years. The project was coordinated from Uruguay by ICD with the support of the Kellogg Foundation.  In addition to ICD in Uruguay, organisations from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Paraguay, and Spain participated in this research.  The goals were to inform and create a discussion at different levels (national, regional, and global) about accountability and financial transparency as a factor for the legitimacy of the civil society sector, to promote sharing lessons learned about this topic throughout Latin America, and to create better capacity, tool kits, and resources to improve transparency in civil society.    Their research led to the publication of a book entitled Vers a Través: Poder, rendición de cuentas y sociedad civil, which can be found on ICD’s website.  The organisations involved in this project also presented the findings at several international seminars.

Related to this Ibero-American project was additional research done only in Uruguay with the support of the World Bank.  ICD made diagnoses regarding accountability and transparency of about one hundred organisations in the National Association of NGOs.  To conduct this research, ICD analysed their webpages and reports and made conclusions based on what they discovered.

For more information on ICD and their research projects, please visit ICD’s website:


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