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Sign of Impact of the Week: Indonesia

Posted by civilsocietyindex on October 23, 2009

Yappika: District Level CSI in Indonesia

CIVICUS’ country partner in Indonesia for the 2003-2006 phase of implementation was Yappika. Its vision is a “democratic and independent civil society that fights for its rights,” and its mission is to:

  1. Develop Yappika as a vehicle for lifelong democracy learning based on first-hand experiences
  2. Strengthen the capacities and capabilities of civil society organisations to build their independence and enable them to influence public policy at various levels
  3. Perform human rights policy advocacy, including advocacy for policy that promotes development of healthy civil society organisations
  4. Promote the growth of synergy among civil society organisations in the fight for democracy and human rights.

Lili Hasanuddin is the Executive Director, and Fransisca Fitri Kurnia Sri currently serves as the Deputy Director. Yappika implemented the CSI between October 2005 and August 2006.

After implementing the CSI, Yappika realized that progress towards civil-society strengthening would be difficult at the national level since the concerns of CSOs were so diverse. Consequently, Yappika decided to bring the CSI to the district level because key stakeholders knew each other better, civil society concerns were more similar, and there was more power to strengthen civil society and engage with the local government.

To conduct CSI at the district level, Yappika somewhat modified the methodology. Instead of using many surveys, Yappika conducted more qualitative research in the form of focus group discussions and interviews. Local CSOs and community members would have the opportunity to discuss the findings and make recommendations at workshops. Yappika also wrote reports for each district that were similar to the national CSI report, and included data for indicators and the results of workshop discussions.

The district-level CSI projects began in 2004 with eight districts. Yappika re-implemented the modified CSI in those same districts in 2007. In 2009, Yappika began conducting the district-level CSI in eight new districts in Indonesia.

For more information about Yappika, please visit their website at


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