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Call for Nominations: CIVICUS Board of Directors

Posted by civilsocietyindex on October 30, 2009


CIVICUS seeks nominations of individuals
to stand for election to its Board of Directors

Deadline for nominations
Midnight GMT, Friday, 29th of January 2010

CIVICUS letter-head-final

Dear Colleague,

It is my pleasure to invite you to submit nominations for the upcoming CIVICUS Board elections. I sincerely hope you will take up this opportunity to participate in the governance of CIVICUS and that it will inspire you to renew your membership of our organisation. At the time of submitting your nomination, it is not vital that your membership is up to date. However, to be eligible to vote for the final candidates you would need to be a paid up member of CIVICUS.


The CIVICUS Board of Directors is the organisation’s governing body. It comprises 13 directors elected to serve three year terms. Any current or prospective member of CIVICUS may stand for election to the 13 seats.

To ensure transparency and avoid conflicts of interest, the Board has created an ad hoc Nominations Committee to develop a list of candidates to be presented to the membership of CIVICUS. Members will elect the 13 directors from a list of approximately 26 names. The list will consist of current Board members eligible to stand for re-election and individuals not currently serving on the Board but who are nominated by CIVICUS’ members.

The outgoing Board Chairperson, Anabel Cruz, (Uruguay) will chair the Committee. Other members will include one current Board member who will not stand for election and three persons of prominent standing in the civil society movement who are not CIVICUS directors and who also will not stand for election to the Board. The CIVICUS Secretary General, Ingrid Srinath will serve as an ex-officio member of the Committee.

Selection Criteria

In selecting nominees, the Committee will take into account CIVICUS’ needs for a Board to be filled by persons who:

  • Have institutional and individual credibility in the civil society movement at national, regional and/or international levels;
  • Have experience at managerial levels and/or as a member of boards of directors;
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to CIVICUS’ mission, vision, values and programmes

The Committee will also consider CIVICUS’ needs for a Board that collectively is:

  • Broadly representative of CIVICUS’ global reach and geographic diversity;
  • Broadly representative of CIVICUS’ membership composition (by institutional type, national location, etc.);
  • Diverse in terms of gender, age, race, ethnicity and cultural background;
  • Diverse in terms of experience and talents.

The Call and Directions

The CIVICUS’ Nominations committee requests nominations from Members and partners of the organisation. You may nominate yourself and/or others.

A nomination will be certified when CIVICUS receives by midnight GMT, Friday, 29th of January 2010

  1. A completed Nomination Form for each nominee (copy the blank form as you need)
  2. A letter of intent from each nominee (other than self-nominees who have submitted the nomination form for themselves).

See Nomination Form Section B about what the letter of intent should include. (Note: a nominee does not have to be a member of CIVICUS
when nominated, but she/he or his/her organisation must join no later than 30th April 2010.)

Please submit completed nomination forms, which can be downloaded here:

Sent you completed application package to:

Anabel Cruz,
Chair – CIVICUS Nomination’s Committee

By e-mail to:  or by fax to: + 27 11 833 7997

Please contact Sandra Pires at for further information on CIVICUS membership or take a look at the Membership section of our website at

Warm regards,

Anabel Cruz



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