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Discounted registration for the CIVICUS World Assembly!

Posted by civilsocietyindex on March 31, 2010

Registration for the CIVICUS World Assembly opened on 25 February, and there is now just one month left to get the discounted Early Bird Rate.

Read the press release about World Assembly registration by clicking here, or visit the World Assembly website to register by clicking here.


5 Responses to “Discounted registration for the CIVICUS World Assembly!”

  1. Faiz Khorshid said


    I am an Afghan Journalist.
    I am very keen to participate in civicus world assembly 2011. But i have question.

    The CIVICUS WORLD ASSEMBLY EVENT was also announced last year by Peace and Collaborative Development Network. Will you announce this year’s event through this network too. If yes, please let me know when.

    Faiz Khorshid

  2. solarin adegboyega said

    hi, am a student of birmingham city university.
    am interested in the world assembly and will like to participate, please kindly put me through.

  3. Hi

    My name is Tania Pramschufer, founder and director of Ethical TV, a global online news and film platform that has audience in over 100 countries

    If you would like us to be involved in any which way please get in touch, perhaps to do some film interviews at the the event or to promote on our website, perhaps your members have films to be included on Ethical TV?

    Best and warm wishes


    • civilsocietyindex said

      Hi Tania

      Great to hear of your interest and of the work that you’re doing. I’ll refer your comments and expression of interest to our World Assembly team, and they should hopefully get in touch with you at your email address.


      • Hi Mark

        I very much look forward to hearing back from your World Assembly team as feel Ethical TV which now has an audience in 129 countries worldwide can platform your films

        Best and warm wishes


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