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Legitimacy, Transparency and Accountability Webinar

Posted by civilsocietyindex on July 13, 2010

The Legitimacy, Transparency and Accountability (LTA) Programme at CIVICUS was developed as a result of the need identified by CSI to strengthen the accountability of civil society. The LTA programme provides resources, tools and training for civil society organisations wanting to participate in, or initiate, accountability activities in their networks.


CIVICUS is currently coordinating a series of interactive webinar sessions that will seek to build CSOs knowledge and ability to take forward activities within their own organization and networks.  The webinars will be practical sessions where participants learn about methods and techniques they could use in their organization and networks. Civil society organisations will present their experiences of accountability programmes and share lessons learnt.


One of the major challenges organisations cite when seeking to address their own internal accountability issues is a lack of support or information to take principles into practice. We hope these sessions will go some way to address this challenge and be a useful and productive session for all those involved.


CSI and LTA would like to invite you to participate in the first session on 15th July 2010, 12pm GMT.

CIVICUS Webinar:

Legitimacy, Transparency and Accountability issues
for civil society organisations

15 July 2010, 12 noon GMT

  CIVICUS would like to invite you to participate in an interactive webinar entitled Introduction to Legitimacy, Transparency and Accountability (LTA) issues for civil society organisations (CSOs). This is the first session in a monthly webinar series on LTA and will be held on 15 July 2010 from 12 noon to 13:30 GMT.

This monthly webinar series will bring experts and CSOs together to share their stories of implementing accountability initiatives. One of the major challenges organisations that are trying to address their own internal accountability issues tell us about is that there is a lack of support and information to put accountability principles into practice. We hope this webinar series will build CSOs knowledge and ability to implement activities within their own organisation and networks.

Session 1: Introduction to Legitimacy, Transparency and Accountability Issues for CSOs
This session will address what it means for a CSO to be LTA, why it is beneficial and who CSOs are accountable to. The presenters will share their experiences of LTA programmes and how they have overcome the challenges. There will be plenty of opportunities for questions and discussion.

Future sessions in the series will look at Moving Beyond Codes of Conduct; How to ensure downward accountability; Financial Transparency; Measuring Impact as a key component of accountability; Achieving legitimacy in a restricted civil society environment. The dates for these sessions will be confirmed soon.

For more information and to register, contact Adele at

Participants will need to have internet and telephone connection. Everyone will be given a link to a website and will be able to view the presentation online simultaneously. Participants will interact using the telephone via an international freephone telephone number that will be provided. CIVICUS will cover any costs incurred by participants.

About the presenters of Session 1:

Anabel Cruz, Founder Director of Communication and Development Institute (ICD)

ICD, a research centre and NGO support organisation based in Uruguay, conducts regional and international projects and activities and is a well-known capacity-building and networking centre. Anabel has a long history in working to strengthen citizen participation in Uruguay and all over the world. She has conducted extensive research into the role of civil society, particularly non-governmental organisations (NGO), in building democracy and citizenship and their participation in development processes in the Latin American post-dictatorship era. She has authored and co-authored several books about the role and identity of NGOs, their impact and accountability, and her articles have been published in journals in Latin America, the US and Europe.

Anabel Cruz is an active member of ISTR (International Society for Third Sector Research) and a member of its coordinating body in Latin America and the Caribbean. She is a founder of the National Association of NGOs in Uruguay and currently the Vice-Chair of the board of Partnership Transparency Fund (PTF), an international NGO that provides small grants to CSOs in developing countries to fight corruption. She is Chair of the Board of Directors at CIVICUS.

Bonnie Kiconco K.Mutungi, Development Network of the Indigenous Voluntary Associations (DENIVA) Uganda

Bonnie is a social scientist with over 10 years experience working on governance and development issues. She has a strong background of accountability programmes and has worked on management and implementation, as well as stakeholder involvement including civil society, grassroots communities, government departments and institutions, and development partners.

Bonnie is national coordinator of the Quality Assurance Certification Mechanism (QuAM), which promotes self regulation, transparency and accountability through the adherence by NGOs to generally acceptable ethical standards and operational norms. The rationale behind QuAM is that the NGO sub-sector itself should be actively engaged in promoting certain set of values and norms as part of maintaining a public reputation for professionalism and high ethical standard.

Adele Poskitt, Senior Legitimacy, Transparency and Accountability Officer at CIVICUS

Adele is a UK citizen currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has over 5 years experience of policy, advocacy and programme work on governance and anti-corruption initiatives. She has an in-depth knowledge of civil society participation in governance mechanisms and has spoken at international conferences including the UN Convention against Corruption Conference of State Parties. Prior to joining CIVICUS, Adele worked at Christian Aid in London and the Christian Council of Ghana in Accra. She holds a MA from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, and a BA from University of Durham, UK. 

For more information please visit


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