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Ben Brandzel Visits CIVICUS

Posted by civilsocietyindex on July 22, 2010

Ben Brandzel recently stopped by CIVICUS to talk about his work and experiences with online campaigning and its effects on mobilization for various campaigns. Ben has vast knowledge on e-Campaigning, having worked on various campaigns such as MoveOn, GetUp, Avaaz, 38 Degrees, and most recently the 1Goal education campaign.


Ben spoke to some staff member about the use of online campaigning through WebPages, emails, text messages, blogs, and social media such as Twitter and Facebook to raise awareness for civil society causes. He also enlightened us on the advantages of using social media like Twitter and Facebook as opposed to text and email but said statistics show that there is no definite evidence that traditional media has been replaced by the electronic media.

CIVICUS was proud to host Ben for the short time that he was with us and thanks him for his invaluable insight into the world of online campaigning and the uses of e-media in civil society.


One Response to “Ben Brandzel Visits CIVICUS”

  1. At the meeting, one of the amazing things that Ben told us was that Tweets or even a re-Tweet was a surer way of getting across message/s to the White House. It seems that due to the enormous amount of email sent to the White House and Obama, it becomes hard for an email to stand out. But if there even a few tweets on a specific issue, these have a good chance of being picked up by the team managing communications for Obama. An important lesson this was: because there are so many aspects to online engaging and of course so many techniques that can provide one with an edge — in times when communications usually have to cope with a hugely (and increasingly) cluttered environment.

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