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CSI’s External Impact Assessment Report

Posted by civilsocietyindex on August 17, 2010

The CIVICUS Civil Society Index will soon officially launch both versions of the External Impact Assessment report, which highlight key positive impacts, challenges, and recommendations from the previous Phase 2003-2006. The entire CSI team has been actively working on these documents for the past year and is greatly looking forward to showcasing these pieces at the upcoming World Assembly taking place next week in Montreal from the 20-23 of August.

The Full External Report was completed by SKAT Management, an external Swiss Consultancy. This report consists of detailed content gathered from interviewees and focus group participants. The Full External Report provides an objective point of view to evaluate the CSI’s areas of positive impact and offer recommendations for overcoming challenges. You can access the full report by clicking here.

The more concise Summary Report, compiled by the CSI team, highlights key points from the Full External Report by pointing the reader towards the CSI’s positive impacts throughout Latin America, Mozambique, Turkey, and Indonesia in the areas of knowledge generation, transparency, coalition building between CSOs and local governments, and fruitful dialogue surrounding the definition of civil society. The Summary Report also provides the public with a sense of what the CSI’s current actions in response to the challenges identified in the Full Report and feedback from partners. Examples of current CSI initiatives include: ensuring the CSI is user-friendly, continuing to support NCOs through the implementation process, strengthening networks at the regional level, and supporting linguistic diversity by encouraging the production of country reports in local languages. You can access the summary report clicking here.

Developing these documents has been a challenging, yet rewarding process, allowing the CSI to effectively examine its real impacts on the state of civil society. The CSI has surely added value to initiatives which greatly impact the strengthening of civil society.


One Response to “CSI’s External Impact Assessment Report”

  1. Greg Rooney said

    is the report available. What happened to it?

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