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CIVICUS World Assembly 2010: CSI Cross Border Initiatives

Posted by civilsocietyindex on August 24, 2010

On Monday, the final day of the World Assembly, the focus in Workshop 31 fell on different cross border initiatives being carried out within the framework of the CIVICUS Civil Society Index.

Lusine and Zeynep from Armenia and Turkey showcase their collaborative work

Zeynep Meydanoglu (Third Sector Foundation of Turkey – TUSEV) and Lusine Hakobyan (Counterpart International Armenia) began by presenting the Turkey-Armenia Cross Border Initiative, an inspiring example of how the CSI has been used as a platform or – as they put it – an “excuse” for action. This was illustrated by a presentation by new CIVICUS Board Member Uygar Ozesmi, from Greenpeace Mediterranean, focussing on cross border collaboration between Turkish and Armenian environmental NGOs.

Participants then heard from Vanessa Cartaya (SINERGIA in Venezuela) and Luis Serra (Red Nicaraguense por la democracia y el desarrollo local, Nicaragua) about the research taking place in the Latin American region, including how seven organisations implementing the CSI had come together to compare and contrast findings, learn from each other, and work towards action initiatives on accountability.

For the CSI team, the workshop was a thought-provoking one which helped us to take stock of what is going on and what is being done by CSI partners and stakeholders in the broader CIVICUS alliance. At a World Assembly where questions are being raised about the nature of how CIVICUS as an alliance works, it was fascinating to note how much was being done organically and led by CSI partners. Thinking ahead, the initiatives gave real food for thought as to how agendas can and should be leveraged at the regional level to build on the wealth of high quality research produced by the Civil Society Index. As the World Assembly comes to a close, this is something of real significance for all participants.


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