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LTA Webinar: Ways to ensure Downward Accountability

Posted by civilsocietyindex on September 15, 2010


CIVICUS Webinar:  

Ways to ensure Downward Accountability

  21 September 2010, 14:00h CET


CIVICUS would like to invite you to participate in an interactive webinar entitled Ways to ensure Downward Accountability. This is the third session in a monthly webinar series on Legitimacy, Transparency and Accountability issues.

This monthly webinar series will bring experts and CSOs together to share their stories of implementing accountability initiatives. One of the major challenges organisations that are trying to address their own internal accountability issues tell us about is that there is a lack of support and information to put accountability principles into practice. We hope this webinar series will build CSOs knowledge and ability to implement activities within their own organisation and networks.

Session 3: Ways to ensure Downward Accountability
This session will address some of the commonly asked questions about who civil society organisations are accountable to and how do we involve our stakeholders in our work. How do CSOs gain credibility and legitimacy to speak on behalf of civil society, and in turn hold governments to account?

Keystone Accountability will describe some of the “best practice” recommendations for how civil society organizations can be accountable to the people who are meant to benefit from their work in ways that (a) improve results on the ground and (b) generate new financial support.

The Cooperation Committee of Cambodia has facilitated the process of development of the Code of Ethical Principles and Minimum Standards for NGOs in Cambodia. They will illustrate how this code ensures public trust in the integrity of the individuals and organisations that make up the NGO sector, as well as the effectiveness of NGO programmes.

Future sessions in the series will look at financial transparency; measuring impact as a key component of accountability; and achieving legitimacy in a restricted civil society environment.

For more information and to register, contact Adele at

Participants will need to have internet and telephone connection. Everyone will be given a link to a website and will be able to view the presentation online simultaneously. Participants will interact using the telephone via an international freephone telephone number that will be provided. CIVICUS will cover any costs incurred by participants.

About the presenters of Session 3:

David Bonbright, Chief Executive, Keystone Accountability (UK)
David is founder and Chief Executive of Keystone. Over the past three decades, as a grantmaker and manager with Aga Khan Foundation, Ford Foundation, Oak Foundation, and Ashoka, David has sought to evolve and test innovative approaches to strengthening citizen self-organization for sustainable development as an alternative to prevailing bureaucratic, top-down models of social service delivery and social value creation.

In the early 1990s, he founded and led two African citizen sector resource centers: one relating to organizational development (the Development Resources Centre, Johannesburg) and one relating to information and technology (SANGONeT, Johannesburg). Trained as a lawyer, David has authored and co-authored a number of reports and books on the subject of philanthropy in Pakistan, indigenous philanthropy and public entrepreneurship. He sits on the boards, advisory councils and knowledge networks and is the new elected Chair of the Board of CIVICUS.

 Vicente S. Salas, Program Development Advisor, CCC (Cambodia)
Vicente S. Salas is currently working on the NGO Good Practice Project (NGO GPP), a Voluntary Certification System for NGOs in Cambodia. He is a freelance consultant in Public Health, HIV/AIDS and NGO Governance issues. Formerly worked as Senior Program Officer for South & South East Asia at the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, UK (2000-2006), Program Manager at UNDP Philippines, (1996-2000), Founding Executive Director of the Philippine HIV/AIDS NGO Support Program and Senior Medical Officer for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Vietnam, Thailand and the former Yugoslavia. Dr Salas holds a degree in Medicine and was trained in Family and Community Medicine at the University of the Philippines/Philippine General Hospital. He has a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the Johns Hopkins University, Maryland.

 Adele Poskitt, Senior Legitimacy, Transparency and Accountability Officer, CIVICUS
Adele is a UK citizen currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has over 5 years experience of policy, advocacy and programme work on governance and anti-corruption initiatives. She has an in-depth knowledge of civil society participation in governance mechanisms and has spoken at international conferences including the UN Convention against Corruption Conference of State Parties. Prior to joining CIVICUS, Adele worked at Christian Aid in London and the Christian Council of Ghana in Accra. She holds a MA from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, a BA from University of Durham, UK, and is currently studying an LLM.


2 Responses to “LTA Webinar: Ways to ensure Downward Accountability”

  1. civilsocietyindex said

    Hello Lorah,

    Thank you for your interest.

    All materials about the third webinar entitled “Ways to Ensure Downward Accountability” will be available soon on the LTA Resource Centre at this address

    In the meantime or if you have any further question concerning LTA, please contact the CIVICUS LTA Senior Officer, Adele Poskitt, at

    I hope this helps,

    Best Regards,

    Anaelle – The CSI Team

  2. Lorah Jensen said


    Is the webinar available online to view entitled “Ways to Ensure Downward Accountability?”


    Lorah Jensen

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