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From project implementation to influencing policies: Challenges of civil society in Uruguay

Posted by civilsocietyindex on February 16, 2011

CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation is pleased to announce the publication of the Civil Society Index (CSI) Uruguay Analytical Country Report, a third such report from the Institute for Communication and Development (ICD), the CSI implementing partner in Uruguay.

The three country reports completed by ICD present an exciting opportunity for Uruguay’s civil society to analyse and compare the changes they have gone through since the first assessment was done ten years ago. Although the CSI project has continually updated its methodology over its three phases, it is still possible to draw some comparisons from the different reports.


The 2010 diamond presents a view of Uruguayan civil society that has medium-level development, which operates in a highly favorable environment with a relatively high level of organisation, and whose actions are seen to have high impact. The areas that are of most concern are in people’s participation, where levels are low in Uruguay, and the  practice and promotion of values dimension, which shows that civil society in Uruguay could do more to model and practice strong values.

 In comparison to 2005, the report finds there has been an improvement in the external environment due to advances in the socio-political, socio-economic and socio-cultural context as a result of political change. There has also been an improvement in the impact that CSOs in Uruguay are experiencing, which can be seen to link to the improvement in the environment in which the CSOs operate. 


Some recommendations that have been highlighted in the report on how to strengthen the weaker areas include: promoting participation and voluntary work, including through developing recognition and information sharing initiatives; building regional exchange networks, to address disconnects between the capital and CSOs in remote regions; and lobbying for amendment to the legal framework to address bureaucratic and slow procedures for legal registration.

 The Civil Society Index (CSI) was implemented in Uruguay by the Institute for Communication and Development (ICD) in collaboration with the CIVICUS CSI team.

 Click here for the full report.


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