CIVICUS Civil Society Index

An international action-research project by and for civil society


The CIVICUS Civil Society Index (CSI) is a participatory needs assessment and action planning tool for civil society around the world, with the aim of creating a knowledge base and momentum for civil society strengthening initiatives. The CSI is initiated and implemented by, and for, civil society organizations at the country level, and actively involves, and disseminates its findings, to a broad range of stakeholders including: government, donors, academics and the public at large.

The two primary goals of the CSI are: to enhance the strength and sustainability of civil society, and to strengthen civil society’s contribution to positive social change.

To achieve these goals, civil society stakeholders make use of participatory and other research methods to create an assessment of the state of civil society. This assessment is then used to collectively set goals and create an agenda for strengthening civil society in the future.


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One Response to “About”

  1. Birgit Kunrath said


    I cannot find on your homepage which countries have already been assessed with the CSI.

    I am wondering if their are data available for Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands.

    Best regards,

    Birgit Kunrath

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