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An international action-research project by and for civil society

CSI in 2009

January 2009

  • UNRISD civil society consultative meeting in Geneva: The NGO consultation meeting was convened to chart the UNRISD research agenda for the next five years, and served as a forum for exchanging ideas with UNRISD and other participants on thematic areas in need of research within civil society. Jacob Mati from the CSI team made a presentation which centred on research gaps that UNRISD may take up, and any possible complementarities that CSI and UNRISD may explore.
  • Julia Sestier travelled to Cameroon to conduct a training workshop with our partners in the country.

February 2009

  • Asia Pacific Training Workshop: NCO representatives from seven countries from the Asia Pacific region (Samoa, South Korea, Japan, Nepal, Philippines, Fiji, Vietnam) joined the CSI team in Johannesburg, South Africa for their regional training workshop. We were also joined by a representative from UNDP Pacific Regional Office, and the workshop was a great networking and learning opportunity for all who attended, CSI staff and partners alike. You can check out videos from the workshop here.

March 2009

  • MENA Training Workshop: Jacob Mati and Nermine Wally travelled to Lebanon to conduct the MENA regional training workshop, with representatives from Djibouti, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco and Sudan. Ingrid Srinath, the CIVICUS Secretary General, also joined the workshop and subsequent civil society networking event, organised by UNDP. For more information and to see some pictures, you can check out the blog post here.
  • Nermine Wally, who had been working with the CSI team for 6 months, finished her contract and left the programme.

May 2009

  • Katherine Langer, a research and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) intern from the United States, joined the CSI team in Johannesburg.

June 2009

  • Bilal Aurang Zeb joined the CSI team as an M&E and Country Support Programme Officer.
  • Turkey National Workshop: TUSEV successfully held their CSI National Workshop in late June. You can find pictures from the event here, and you can visit their CSI website for more information on the National Workshop and the implementation of the CSI in Turkey.

July 2009

  • ISTR conference in Mexico: Amy Bartlett travelled to Mexico to present at the ISTR regional Conference for the LAC region. The CSI also launched a poster with our Mexico partners. During the workshop, CSI partners from Uruguay, Mexico and Nicaragua shared their experiences and updates with the participants. You can check out this page for more information.

August 2009

  • Katherine Langer completed her internship with the CSI programme, significantly and successfully contributing to the internal CSI impact report from the phase 2003-2006. You can read more about the results contained in this report here.

September 2009

  • Training Workshop in Belarus: Amy Bartlett travelled to Minsk, Belarus to conduct a two day CSI training workshop for our new partner (SCAF) and civil society stakeholders in Belarus, sponsored by the OSCE. You can find more information, as well as pictures from the workshop, at this link.
  • CSI Impact Assessment of the 2003-2006 phase of implementation: After a call for proposals and selection process, the CSI team contracted SKAT to conduct a formal external evaluation of the CSI implementation in the previous phase, 2003-2006.

October 2009

  • Dr. Federico Silva left the CSI programme after two years of service as Senior Programme Officer.
  • Mark Nowottny joined the CSI team as a Communications and Country Support Programme Officer.
  • Launch of the CSI Indicator Database 2003-2006: After several months of development, the CSI team launched the Indicator Database. It has since become a significant resource for civil society stakeholders and researchers around the world.
  • Uruguay National Workshop: ICD conducted the first National Workshop in the Latin America region on October 29th in Montevideo, Uruguay. You can find out more about the process and results of the Uruguay National Workshop on this blog post.

November 2009

  • Bilal Aurang Zeb left the CSI team to pursue an opportunity with the UNDP in Sudan.
  • ISTR conference in Taiwan: Jacob Mati and Tracy Anderson joined CSI partners from Japan, South Korea and Fiji at the Regional ISTR Conference for the Asia Pacific Region. The CSI team presented a paper and CSI partners participated in a panel event at the conference. You can find more information here.


December 2009

  • Russia National Workshop: On December 11th, the Russia CSI partners conducted their National Workshop, which was also attended by Katsuji Imata, Deputy Secretary General- Programmes for CIVICUS.

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