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Albanian Policy Action Brief is ready!

Posted by civilsocietyindex on September 20, 2010

The Albanian CSI partner, the Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM) was the first to publish its CSI Country Report in July 2010. Now the official Policy Action Brief, the final output of the CSI implementation, is ready for print. Congratulations to the IDM team!

The Policy Brief draws on the recommendations from both the Country Report as well as the CSI national workshop, where working groups on each of the CSI Diamond dimensions presented their agenda for change.

Some of the main recommendations from the Policy Brief, which is addressed to Albanian civil society, government, as well as international donors, are:

  • In order to increase citizen engagement and participation in civil society activities, the Policy Brief recommends that CSOs must rely on and engage citizens as stakeholders more actively rather than perceiving citizens only as beneficiaries.
  • CSO accountability and good governance continues to be one of the main challenges of Albanian CSOs. It is thus recommended that the state put in place improved legislation to give CSOs incentives to be more accountable for their actions. Further, a donor coordination forum is suggested in order to overcome some of the concerns and challenges.
  • In order to improve CSO impact on policies and other processes in society, the Policy Brief recommends, amongst other, a long-term strategy to be put in place to improve CSO, state and interest-group relations. Also, actions to improve civil society’s public image need to be implemented.
  • One of the main target groups of the Albanian Policy Brief is the donor community, and a main recommendation to particularly international donors is to diversify its focus in both thematic and geographical coverage. In addition, the coordination between donors is suggested as an important step in order to improve the current challenges.

It was identified, however, that the root causes and effects for these problems are not isolated within a single context. Therefore, a holistic approach to addressing some of the concerns is critical.

The Albanian Policy Action Brief is the first one of the current CSI implementation phase. It augurs a long series of new reports coming soon!

To read the entire Policy Brief, please download the Albania Policy Action Brief. The Policy Brief is also available in Albanian.

If you wish to contact IDM for any follow-up actions as recommended in this Policy Brief, feel free to write to and we will put you in contact with the right persons.

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