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Civil societies in Madurodam

Posted by civilsocietyindex on June 6, 2011

April 29, 2011 – PSOin cooperation with CIVICUS has organized a seminar and workshop on the concept, relevance and use of the Civil Society Index (CSI). The day was attended by over forty key-staff from mostly PSOmember agencies. The relevance was clear from the reference that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made to the CSIin their guidelines on monitoring and reporting for civil society organisations.

In consultation with Partos, PSO took the initiative to invite key-staff of CIVICUS to the Netherlands and staged a seminar with representatives from government, private sector and civil society to reflect on the concept of civil society space. In three contributions each of the contributors gave their perspective on space for people, profit and power.

Clampdown on civil society
The seminar started with a welcome address by Margo Kooijman, Director ofPSO who welcomed CIVICUS as well as the active participation from thePSO membership and representatives of the Ministery of Foreign Affairs. The key-note address was delivered by Netsanet Demissie Belay, the Director of Policy and Research of CIVICUS, who gave an extensive update on the trends in civil society space and the international regulatory frameworks for civil society organisations. The evidence presented illustrates that despite current developments in the Middle East and Northern Africa, civil society space is still shrinking as it is suffering from securitization measures by governments legitimized by the fear of terrorist threats.

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CSI Madagascar launched and off to a great start!

Posted by civilsocietyindex on December 23, 2010

Written by: Yosi Echeverry Burckhardt and Megan MacGarry

We are very excited to report on our participation and observation last week of the official media launch and first Advisory Committee meeting, thus marking the official start of the CSI in Madagascar!

 Two very intensive days of training were held by us, with our partners Consortium National pour la Participation Citoyenne (CNPC) and Multi-Sector Information Services (MSIS), as well as full participation from the leading donors on the project, the UNDP Madagascar regional office. This training was on the complex realities and intricacies of the CSI methodology, which is currently underway in Madagascar. Everyone was rather tired due to the intensive, but exciting work done over the two days.

 However, this was to be shaken off quickly as the stage was set, at the Hotel La Residence Ankerana on the outskirts of Antananarivo, for the official launch and ceremony, as well as the first Advisory Committee meeting, marking the beginning of the project. There were numerous groups present for this prestigious event, including the United Nations Resident Coordinator Fatma Samoura, the CSI national Advisory Committee, the teams of both the national coordinating organisations MSIS and CNPC, UNDP programme staff members, two representatives from CIVICUS, and several journalists from both print and tv press present. Key speakers at the beginning of the launching ceremony included:

  • Mr Andriamoraniaina Harijaona (Niaina): Coordinator of MSIS
  • Mr Amaholimihaso Rahaga: the speaker of the Advisory Committee
  • Mrs Fatma Samoura: UN Resident Coordinator
  • And Miss Yosi Echeverry Burckhardt: CSI Programme Officer with CIVICUS.


From left to right: Niaina, Amaholimihaso Rahaga, Fatma Samoura, Yosi

The speakers emphasised what a great opportunity implementing the CSI project is for Madagascar, how this will hopefully impact broader participation in Malagasy society, and how this will hopefully strengthen civil society throughout the country, despite the ongoing political difficulties and constraints evident of late in the country.

There is a strong interest and participation in the project from a wide scope of stakeholders across various sectors, including from the government, the private sector, and the media. This helps to highlight how timely and valuable an evaluation of the state of civil society, such as the CSI, is. In a country where all development projects, except humanitarian projects, have been stopped due to sanctions from various international actors. Compounded by the complexities of operating in repressive and constricted environments, it is hoped that the CSI implementation will be an initiator for increased, deepened civic engagement, participation, and leadership. As Edmondine Ramaroson, the President of CNPC underlines, the findings from the project will not be an end in themselves but rather serve to create a more active and engaged citizenship throughout Madagascar. As Edmondine mentioned in her welcoming speech at the launch of the project:

Donnons – nous la main pour n’avoir qu’une unique : la résultante, suffisamment solide pour porter l’espoir que Madagascar sera hissé à la place qu’elle mérite!

It was a true honour for both of us to be present, to highlight CIVICUS’ commitment and active participation in civil society strengthening processes and showing the value of the CSI particularly in countries such as Madagascar. It was engaging and exciting to see our project in real live action in front of us- witnessing how interested and motivated the members of the AC are in the project, as it allows us to see the true participatory value of the CSI.

The Advisory Committee (AC), the two NCOs, UNDP Madagascar focal point and the CIVICUS team:

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CIVICUS to deliver CSI training in Morocco

Posted by civilsocietyindex on March 24, 2010

On 27th and 28th March 2010, CIVICUS will deliver training on the methodology and implementation of the Civil Society Index project to L’Espace Associatif, the CSI implementing partner in Morocco.

During the two-day training session in Rabat, Julia Sestier, Civil Society Index Programme Officer at CIVICUS, will outline the key steps required to successfully carry out the project and work with partners to adopt the CSI methodology.

Implementation in Morocco has recently taken off, with strong support from UNDP and the Moroccan Ministry of Social Development, Family and Solidarity. Click here to find out more about the project’s progress in Morocco.

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CSI in the Press in Belarus

Posted by civilsocietyindex on September 9, 2009

press coverageDuring the CSI workshop, held last week in Minsk, the implementation of the project was covered in the media, both in print and on television. 

Please feel free to check out some of the links below for more information on the coverage the workshop received in the country!

Television coverage on STV:

Belpan coverage: (in Russian).  You can find the English translation of the text here: Belpan English

Belta coverage: (in Russian)

Naviny coverage: (in Russian)

Newsdate coverage: (in Russian)

BDG news: (in Russian)

NG news: (in Russian)

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CSI Training Workshop in Belarus

Posted by civilsocietyindex on September 8, 2009

Below you can find some pictures from the recent CSI training workshop in Minsk, Belarus on September 3-5, 2009, which was conducted by CSI team member Amy Bartlett. The training was well attended by government, academics, international NGOs and Belarusian civil society representatives, as well as our CSI partners in Russia.  It was a great opportunity to train various participants and launch the project, as well as getting many stakeholders involved in the implementation of the CSI in the country. Thank you to all who participated for your hard work, and we look forward to working with you to implement the CSI in Belarus!

 Belarus training

Opening of the training workshop

Working group

Working groups, reviewing the CSI indicator matrix


 CSI Project Coordinator, Dr.Iouri Zagoumennov from SCAF, speaking at the workshop

 OSCE reps

Representatives from the OSCE, who are helping to finance the project in Belarus


Our simultaneous Russian-English translators


Brainstorming about civil society in Belarus


Independence Square in Minsk, outside of the workshop venue


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A few pictures from the recent CSI MENA training in Lebanon

Posted by civilsocietyindex on March 11, 2009

MENA training participants

Participants hard at work during the CSI MENA training workshop, held from the 1st to the 3rd of March 2009 in Beirut, Lebanon 

Networking session panel

High level panel at the MENA networking session in Beirut on March 4th, 2009, which included (from left to right): Ziad Abdul Samad from ANND and currently serving as a CIVICUS Board member, Adib Nehmeh from UNDP-SURF, Dr. Hasan Abdel Ati (moderator) from the Sudanese Civic Forum, and Ingrid Srinath, Secretary General of CIVICUS


Jacob and Ingrid

Jacob from the CSI team and Ingrid,  during a visit to a Palestinian refugee camp during their stay in Lebanon

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This week the CSI is in Lebanon

Posted by civilsocietyindex on March 2, 2009

Jacob Mati from the CSI team is in Lebanon this week conducting a small training workshop for the four countries particiapting in the CSI programme from the MENA region in this phase: Djibouti, Lebanon, Jordan and Bahrain.

The three day workshop will be followed by a networking session, organized in conjunction with UNDP, which will be attended by over 200 participants from all over the MENA region, as well as Jacob and the CIVICUS Secretary General Ingrid Srinath.

Keep your eyes on the blog for updates on the workshop as well as the netowrking session!

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CSI on YouTube!

Posted by civilsocietyindex on February 27, 2009

Check out this video of Ambalika Kutty from FCOSS in Fiji during the recent CSI training workshop, held in Johannesburg, South Africa for CSI implementers from the Asia Pacific region.

You can watch more videos from other participants at the CIVICUS YouTube site.

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